I have an absolutely fantastic group of people I work with who fill in the gaps such as SEO experts, web designers, specialist travel advisers and and other experts in their fields.

I am also really fortunate to have a fantastic network of highly experienced and skilled virtual assistants, who help me out during holidays and busier periods.  Without them and their support I wouldn't be where I am today.

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"One day, or day one you decide"

So that's what I did, decided.  After many years in the corporate world, I took a 'life promotion' and moved lock stock and barrel to Cornwall.  My family and friends thought I was mad, but I yearned to be closer to the sea, to have a dog and to just well have a better quality of life without the tedious travel around the outskirts of Oxford on the A34 every morning and evening.

Virtual Angel was born December 2014, very late in the year, foolishly perhaps just before Christmas, but here we are today over six years on and still loving it.

I won't bore with you the minuscule detail, you could connect with me via LinkedIn to see my background.  What I will say without a doubt is that I love what I do and love to see my clients grow into what they have become.

To those that wonder, yes, I did get my dog, two in fact, spaniels, so anyone with any knowledge of dogs will know  they keep me very busy!  My elderly cat who was part of the move from Oxford still suns herself in the garden (weather permitting) and as for the beach, well let's say I try to get there as much as I can, but for walks a bit closer to home there are the moors and hills of Cornwall for us to clamber around.

I've found many passions now that I don't spend quite so much time in the car, mostly crafty or garden related.  Crochet is my weakness though, so much so, that even though Virtual Angel keeps me busy, I also run a tiny business called Jacks  Hook as an outlet for my blankets and other gifts.


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