for more calm ...

..... you need our Concierge

we are all overwhelmed with the 'simple' tools to make life better, but do you have the time to deal with it?  

we are here to help with the smallest jobs, those you just never have the time to complete, or perhaps you didn't realise you had

vehicle and fleet management

from one car to several, let us keep track of service, MOT and insurance renewals

time for a chat?

restaurant bookings

from the smallest restaurant to a celebratory meal, leave your reservations to us

domestic staff search

we're happy to help narrow down the shortlist and find your ideal candidate

birthday reminders and gift sourcing

keep forgetting your important dates, we'll remind you and source your ideal gift 

DIY jobs around the home

from hanging a mirror, to finding someone to install a new garden shed (both actual tasks)

holiday research and bookings

a fabulous yacht, a car hire or an amazing holiday, we'll work with you to make your holiday extra special

special events

from weddings, christenings, retirements or a special birthday you need our events service

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